Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I got a new toy!!!!!

I was getting tired of constantly having to refill my rowenta iron and I had been looking at either a gravity steam iron or ths little puppy....I was passing by the store Tuesday Morning on Monday morning(go figure) and did an abrupt uturn as I remembered someone posting about this iron. There was so much other stuff in the store that I didnt see the irons at first, so I asked someone working there is they had irons...Lo and behold, imagine my utter joy and excitement when I stumbled across this bad boy!!! But wait, the best was yet to come....It was only $99.00....SOLD!!! I got it home plugged it in and waited the 8 minutes for it to heat up....WOW...this puppy was on all afternoon as I ironed and sewed and still had plenty of water left in the tank....No more refilling the iron every 10 minutes!!!Oh happy day indeed.


  1. Cool!!! Enjoy it! That's why I got a gravity feed! I Think mine was $99 as well! LOVEEEEEEEEE it!!!!

  2. That is an awesome toy... enjoy it.

  3. Congrats! I've had my eye on this baby for quite sometime.