Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's A Jungle Out There

What do you do when you have a great comfy chair that you love but you are sick of the upholstry and the kiddos have spilled every substance known to man (and some not known) on it... I say slipcovers baby!!!

I have a Chaise lounge and a overside chair the I recovered. I got this fabric at Hancocks...I think I bought about 25 yards... I pinned the fabric on the chairs upside down to make a pattern and then sewed it together. For the cushions made a pattern by tracing the outseide on the cushions, and added my 1 inch seam allowances...My cushions are 6 inches thick, so I made the covers 5 and 1/2 inches high so the covers were nice and tight...I added a strip at the back and inserted a zipper...Perfecto...Now when the kids decide to pour koolaid on my chairs, at least I can wash them and they look as good as new...


  1. WoW you did a awesome job on the chair. Loooove it.

  2. These are really kewl! I am always in awe of someone who sews home dec because I can't stand it! *LOL*