Thursday, November 12, 2009



My family and I just got back from a whirlwind vacation...We flew from Tampa Airport to Raleigh,NC to visit some friends for a few days...We then rented a Suburban and drove to Harrisonburg, VA to visit my brother. He is working on his Master's degree from his alma mater JMU. The kids dont get to see uncle Lou that much so they were in heaven.

We then drove to Washington DC and took the kids sightseeing...It was my first time there so I was sightseeing too. It was also our first time on the metro train and it was neat!! We saw Arlington Cemetery with all of its graves. Reminds us all of the high price some paid for us to enjoy the freedoms we all take for granted.

We saw Old Abe in the Lincoln Monument...It was huge...Upstairs they have a lot of Lincoln's speeches etched in stone...Very educational...

Of course my daughter wanted to see where President Obama lived...She was so elated.

The Washington monument...

We were so tired from all the walking...On TV of course it looks like everything is so close together. NOT!!! The next day (which happened to be my 38th birthday) we took the kiddos to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History...It is awesome to say the least.

I also pursuaded my hunny to take me to G street fabrics...I bought 4 cuts of wool suiting and they had all their patterns marked down to $1.00...I lost my mind on the Burda's...I bought 16 patterns.

The next day we packed up again and headed for Philadelphia. We have a friend who plays for the 76 ers and he got us tickets for the game...

The kids loved it and they got to go out on the court after the game.

The next day we went to the Philadelphia Zoo.
They have a beautiful blond Lioness with a Mane...They say she has hormone problems. I still think she is pretty.

My husband dropped me off in Philadelphia's Fabric district. I went to Maxie's daughter and bought 5 yards of wool to make a suit. Then I went to Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet. I bought some weft interfacing there. I had never seen interfacing 60 inches wide. I went down the street to Baldwin Fabrics and bought some leather. I am going to attempt to make a handbag one day. I also bought some beautiful brown wool tweed.
We left Philadelphia and headed to The Big Apple...thats right NY City...We went to Manhattan!!!...

We saw the famous tree in Rockefeller Center...They were still working on it, hence the scaffolding

Took this photo in front on the Chase Manhattan building...We call my daughter Chase Manhattan because her name is Chaise. Doesn't Chancellor look excited!! Right!!

I have never seen so many people in my life, and on a Saturday and Sunday... Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to hit the garment district but my husband assures me I can come back soon to shop for fabric and he will pay for it. We stayed in Manhattan for 2 days right at the Hilton in Times Square.. We took the kids over to Rockefeller center and saw the big Christmas tree in place with scaffolding all around it and let the kids watch the ice skaters. From there we went to Connecticut to see some of my husband's relatives. We the hit New Jersey and saw the Statue of Liberty and headed back south to Baltimore for 1 day and then back to DC for 1 day and then back to Raleigh/Durham where we then got back on the plane and headed back home...This was the best vacation ever!!!! I am already anticipating our next one. Let's see, where shall we roam next???


  1. Worldwind is an understatement. It looks like you guys had a blast. If you like Mexican food, try Lauriol Plaza the next time you are in D.C. pretty freaking fantastic.

  2. Looks like you guys had a fab time!!!!

  3. That was an awesome vacation and your children are adorable.

  4. Wow, I exhausted just reading about it. Just curious, what will you do with all that wool in Florida? :-)

  5. I just saw this post. What an amazing trip and to do it with little ones. That's a trip your family will remind for a lifetime. Awesome!