Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello all... Today was a great day. My full time job is as a pharmacist. I work 12 hour shifts and every other weekend. Anyway, after working the weekend I have Monday and Tuesday off..On this particular Tuesday my husband asks my parents and I to accompany him to the waterfront restaurant in Tampa called Jacksons...We sat outside overlooking the bay and relaxed and ate...It was great...I just sat there with some of the people I love the most and took in the beauty all around...Yep, It was a great day..

Yesterday, I made my 6 year old daughter a skirt and a dress that I will soon post...Then when I started making a dress for myself I heard it. "It" was an ominous sound coming from my babylock evolve serger...Sounds like the needles are hitting something...Oh well...to the dr. she went...Hopefully I will get it back on Friday so I can finish my dress...I do have a brother pl2100 Serger but i leave that one strictly set up for coverstitch because it is a pain to thread...Boy...I sure miss my jet air threading...Oh well, til Friday...toodles...

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