Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello all...Yesterday was mothers day...The kids made me some beautiful cards...We all went to church... I wore a fuschia dress that i had made to wear for mothers day. I had matching high heeled sandals the matched the dress color perfectly...After church we went out to eat...and i came home and crashed...I was tired from sewing...I will post the dress as soon as I get a chance and also a nice shirt that I made...Oh I almost forgot...WE GOTA NEW PUPPY!!!!About 2 years ago I had to put down my mini schnauzer Nala...Oh what a sad time that was, but she had bladder cancer and there was nothing else that could be done. She had gone from 40 pounds to 17 and we were heartbroken. We said no more dogs, but then about a month ago I got the "dog" itch and my daughter came to me and said, "Ma, I really miss Nala." and started crying...Soooo...long story short I called a couple of breeders and told them I was looking for one and lo and behold a breeder in Lakeland had a litter ready...And just the color I wanted and she was a girl...Seemed meant to be...So after dropping the kiddos off at school on Friday, to Lakeland I went... So I present

Ms. TALLULAH BELLE in all her glory...she is a wheaten color mini schnauzer and sooo cute.. so for now...toodles!!!

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