Saturday, June 13, 2009


I found some red patent leather peep toes!!! I knew Zappos would not let me down...they had to get some in eventually....I got these pupppies in the mail on Tuesday...(gotta love that fast shipping) these are some bad boys...they are 5 inches high though so I am still deciding if I am gonna keep them...but I do love them...Heck, I am already 6'2", with these I will be 6'7"...That may be more than the public can handle...Whay ya think???


  1. Those are gorgeous shoes! I'm 6'2" also, and there was a time when I have worn 3+" heels and didn't mind the double-takes. Can't do it anymore though, my knees and feet would revolt. I say go for it, just watch those doorways! :)

  2. The shoes are definitely Hawt!!! umm as for the 5" heel, watch the cracks in the street. I've taken my shoes to the shoe shop and have had an inch taken off.

  3. As long as you can walk in them and your feet, legs and ankles don't hurt, GO FOR IT! Those are smokin!