Monday, June 1, 2009


Okay... I am admitting I have a shoe problem...I have a collection of shoes that numbers over 300...but now i need(want) a pair of red patent leather peep toes in a size 11...I made a zebra print dress that I want to wear to church Sunday, but I cant find the shoes!!!..nothing...zilch...nada...My sister and I went to the ellenton outlet and visited all our usual haunts..Nine West, (scored some new platform sandals there...yah!!!),Saks, and Aigner, but no red patent leather peep toes...I have been online for 1 week looking at all the online shoe stores to no avail...I should have bought the ones I saw lsat year at Target but I stupidly did I am paying for my mistake...


  1. Hi Lynda and Welcome to Blogland.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the fabric I used for my skirt is a quilting fabric from Joann's. I hope you are able to find it at your location and look forward to an FO.

    Don't you hate it when you pass up a shoe and down the road you realize you should've gotten it.

  2. I must go back to Joanns and look for the pink, green and brown colorway, I know that colorway is down right gorgeous.