Sunday, September 27, 2009


I kinda got tired of cutting out patterns on my bar, so I decided to build a new sewing table. I liked the height of my bar as it was the perfect height for me... I went to the local Lowe's and got six 2X4's and had them cut some 3/4 inch plywood 38 inches wide by 60 inches. I also purchased some casters to place on the bottom of the legs so I could move my table by myself. I made the table 39 inches high, same as my bar. I am still looking for an old wool blanket to go over the top but in the meantime I just used 5 layers of cotton flannel on top. I love my table!!!It is the perfect size, and I even have some storage underneath... When I need to cut out patterns on it, I just slide my 36 inch by 60 inch cutting mat on top...When I need to iron, I just slide the mat down to the side. I can steam large pieces of fabric really easily...Like I said it is great.

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