Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ok, so I admit it....I have a thing for shoes (and handbags). I was out minding my own business and these followed me home this month (so far)!!!

These I got at the Nine West outlet in Ellenton, Fl.

These are from Burlington Coat Factory

I walked into the Bandolino store in the mall and saw these..They did not have my size but the clerk ordered them for me and I got them by mail in 4 days.. Ra rahr!!

Ok Sears was having a major clearance sale so I got these...they were $12.99

Sears again....$12.99

One more time for Sears, $12.99

And Sears again...these are Westies (nine west) and they were $14.99

These last 2 pair of sandals are from Burlington Coat Factory...I think they will look super cute with all the maxi dressed I am making for summer!!


  1. I also bought the top pair at the Nine West outlet in black (super comfortable). I am considering buying the other two shades of brown but I bought these fabulous brown sandals from Victoria Secret so I'm trying to show some restraint. I see that the two of us should DEFINITELY not shop together as you too seem have a go for it! approach to shopping.

  2. Great shoes at great prices. I could use about three pair of them. Especially the first animal print. Enjoy!

  3. OMG, glad to find ur blog, your shoe collection is to die for. Stop enabling me......